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Nevron.GraphicsCore Namespace / INSvgImageFormat Interface

In This Topic
    INSvgImageFormat Interface Properties
    In This Topic

    For a list of all members of this type, see INSvgImageFormat members.

    Public Properties
     PropertyWhether or not to add Svg header to the generated document.  
     PropertyThe attributes assciated with the Svg tag.  
     PropertyWhether this is .svg or .svgz format.  
     PropertyThe script to be injected in the Svg.  
     PropertyDescribes the format used to encode embedded images.  
     PropertyWhen set to true all images referenced by the Svg document will be embedded using base64 encoding.  
     PropertyWhen set to true the component will generate an automatic ID for each scene element.  
     PropertyThe HTML tag corresponding to this image. (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.INImageFormat)
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