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    In This Topic

    Both the Chart and Diagram ThinWeb controls use a minimal set JQuery, in order to produce cross browser compatible JScript. The version of the JQuery currently in use is controlled from the thinWebControl.ServerSettings.JQuery object. This object has a property called SourceType which allows you to specify the location from where the client browser must get the JQuery script. The following table lists the available options:

    SourceType Description
    None JQuery script is not rendered from the control on the client. You need to use this option in case your page already includes JQuery or there are multiple ThinWeb controls on the page and one of them already includes JQuery.
    Url Allows you to specfy a URL from which to get the JQuery script.
    Embedded Uses the version of JQuery embedded in the ThinWeb control (1.7.1)


    The following code snippet shows how to change the current version of JQuery used by the control:

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    NThinDiagramControl1.ServerSettings.JQuery.SourceType = JQuerySourceType.Url;
    NThinDiagramControl1.ServerSettings.JQuery.Url =

    Visual Basic
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    NThinDiagramControl1.ServerSettings.JQuery.SourceType = JQuerySourceType.Url
    NThinDiagramControl1.ServerSettings.JQuery.Url =

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