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    Barcodes in Nevron .NET Vision are implemented as controls, so you can easily embed them in your applications and reports.

     Barcodes in Applications

    To show a linear or a 2D barcode in your application you should simply create a barcode control, set its properties and place it somewhere in you application. The following code demonstrates how to create and initialize an EAN13 linear barcode and place it in a form:

    Linear Barcode Widget
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    NLinearBarcode barcode = new NLinearBarcode();
    barcode.Symbology = ENLinearBarcodeSymbology.EAN13;
    barcode.Text = "0123456789012";
    barcode.AutoSize = true;
    barcode.Location = new Point(10, 10);

    This code results in the following barcode:


     Barcodes as Images

    Nevron .NET Vision's barcode library lets you easily create barcode images by using the proper barcode painter class. For example the code below creates a 2D barcode image by the QR code standard:

    QR Code Image
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    NMatrixBarcodePainter painter = new NMatrixBarcodePainter();
    painter.Symbology = ENMatrixBarcodeSymbology.QrCode;
    painter.Text = "";
    Bitmap bitmap = painter.CreateRaster(100, 100, 96);

    This code results in the following QR code image:

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