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    Dock Layout
    In This Topic

    The dock layout is a space eating cells layout, which places vertices at per-vertex specified docking areas of the currently available layout area. Its most important properties are:

    In all cases the minimal and maximal size constraints of each shape are not broken, so it is possible the dock cannot resolve the available/insufficient area problem completely

    The following is an example output of the dock layout. The desired size of the final drawing is shown in gray, but note that the fill and fit modes are set to their default value - Equal. That's why in this case the layout inflates the shapes equally to fill the available area.


     Supplemental Data

    The area at which each cell must be docked is obtained as a per-vertex supplemental data: 

    • DockArea - a value from the DockArea enumeration.  

    In Nevron Diagram the DockArea is a member of the NLayoutData class, accessible from the LayoutData property of each shape. The NShapeBodyAdapter adapts the values of the layout data for you.

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