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    Map Arcs
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    Map arcs, a.k.a. parallels and meridians, are imaginary circles over the Earth's surface that lets the user see the map coordinates of a given location (latitude and longitude). Nevron Map for .NET supports rendering and labeling of parallels and meridians and gives you great control over their appearance and behavior. You can configure the rendering mode of parallels and meridians through the same name properties of the map importer class. They provide the following settings:

    The following image shows a world map with map arcs rendered by Nevron Map for .NET:

    During the map import process an NMapArcsShape is created for parallels and another one for meridians. You can use its properties to modify the rendering of map arcs and their labels without reimporting the map. To find a map arcs shape that contains a map arcs of a given type use the Find static method of the NMapArcsShape class. The map arcs shape provides the same properties as the map arcs settings, so you can use them the same way.

    When you modify one or more of the map arcs shape properties do not forget to call the SmartRefreshAllViews method of the drawing document, so that all drawing views it is attached to get notified about the change and repaint themselves.
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