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The following tables list the members exposed by NCanvas.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNCanvas ConstructorCreates a new canvas associated with the specified drawing document  
Public Properties
Public PropertyBackColorGets/sets the background color of the canvas (used to clear the canvas drawing surface)  
Public PropertyDocumentGets/sets the drawing document associated with the canvas  
Public PropertyDocumentPaddingGets/sets the padding applied to the document bounds (in document measurement unit)  
Public PropertyGlobalVisibilityGets/sets the global visibility settings which this canvas must use  
Public PropertyGraphicsSettingsGets/sets the graphics settings of the canvas  
Public PropertyLayoutGets/sets the canvas layout  
Public PropertyPageScaleGets the scaling of world units to pixels  
Public PropertyResolutionGets/sets the canvas resolution  
Public PropertyScaleXGets/sets the world to view X scale  
Public PropertyScaleYGets/sets the world to view Y scale  
Public PropertySceneScaleToDeviceXGets the X scaling of document scene units to pixels  
Public PropertySceneScaleToDeviceYGets the Y scaling of document scene units to pixels  
Public PropertySceneToDeviceGets the Scene to Device transformation  
Public PropertySceneToWorldGets the Scene to World transformation  
Public PropertySizeGets/sets the size of the canvas (in pixels)  
Public PropertyViewportGets the document viewport  
Public PropertyViewportOriginGets/sets the document viewport origin  
Public PropertyViewportSizeGets the document viewport size  
Public PropertyWindowGets the document window  
Public PropertyWindowMarginsGets/sets the window margins. The window margins deflate the window relative to the canvas size.  
Public PropertyWindowOriginGets the document window origin  
Public PropertyWindowSizeGets the document window size  
Public PropertyWorldToDeviceGets the World to Device transformation  
Public PropertyWorldToViewGets the World to View transformation  
Public Methods
Public MethodComputeSceneBoundsComputes the total scene bounds, by appling a padding to the document bounds (in scene coordinates)  
Public MethodDispose  
Public MethodDoLayoutOverloaded. Performs the specified canvas layout  
Public MethodFitFits the document inside the window (preserves the document aspect ratio)  
Public MethodPaintPaints the document to the specified device  
Public MethodRenderToGraphicsRenders the chart in the specified graphics  
Public MethodSizeToDocumentResizes the canvas to fit the unscaled document bounds  
Public MethodSizeToViewportResizes the canvas to fit the specified document viewport  
Public MethodStretchStretches the document to fill the entire window (breaks the document aspect ratio)  
Public MethodStretchToHeightProportionally scales the document so that its height is equal to the window height (preserves the document aspect ratio)  
Public MethodStretchToWidthProportionally scales the document so that its height is equal to the window height (preserves the document aspect ratio)  
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