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N2DDevice Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by N2DDevice.

Public Fields
Public Fieldm_LengthConverter  
Public Properties
Public PropertyAnimationBoundsGets or sets the animation bounds. Regarded only when AnimationBoundsMode is set to context  
Public PropertyAnimationsStyleGets/Sets the animations style on a device that supports animations.  
Public PropertyAutoSpritesDetermines whether this will automatically enable animations  
Public PropertyCanCachePathWhether the graphics can cache paths  
Public PropertyClipBoundsGets the current clip bounds  
Public PropertyClipInfoGets or sets the current clip path  
Public PropertyClipPathGets or sets the current clip path  
Public PropertyColorTransformGets or sets the color transform object associated with this device  
Public PropertyDashModeGets or sets the device dash mode  
Public PropertyDashOffsetGets or sets the current dash offset  
Public PropertyExcludedRegionFromImageFiltersGets or sets a region to be excluded from image processing  
Public PropertyFillColorSets the current fill color.  
Public PropertyFillStyleGets or sets the current fill style.  
Public PropertyFontAscentGets the current font ascent  
Public PropertyFontDescentGets the current font descent  
Public PropertyFontStyleGets or sets the current font style.  
Public PropertyGDIObjectsCacheObtains the device cache  
Public PropertyImageFiltersBoundsProviderThe bounds privder used to calculate bounds for image filters canvas  
Public PropertyImageFiltersStyleGets or sets the current image filters style.  
Public PropertyImageRenderingModeGets/sets the image rendering mode.  
Public PropertyLengthConverterObtains the length converter attached to this device  
Public PropertyMeasurementGraphics  
Public PropertyMeasurementUnitGets or sets the device measurement unit  
Public PropertyPageScaleGets or sets the page scale of the device  
Public PropertyPageUnitGets or sets the page unit of the device  
Public PropertyPainterObtains the current painter  
Public PropertyPaletteGets or sets the device color palette  
Public PropertyRenderSurfaceReturns the render surface of the device  
Public PropertyRenderTechnologyObtains the rendering technology of the device  
Public PropertyRequiresInteractivityReturns true if the device requires interactivity  
Public PropertyResolutionGets the resolution of this Device object.  
Public PropertyReusableGraphicsPathObtains a reussable graphics path.  
Public PropertyShapeRenderingModeGets/sets the shape rendering mode  
Public PropertySharedStringFormatObtains the current, active, shared string format  
Public PropertySpaceSizeGets the current font space size  
Public PropertyStringFormatStyleSets the current string format style.  
Public PropertyStrokeStyleGets or sets the current stroke style.  
Public PropertySupportsAnimationDetermines whether this device supports animation.  
Public PropertyTextRenderingHintGets/sets the text rendering hint for the device.  
Public PropertyTextRenderingModeGets/sets the text rendering mode.  
Public PropertyTextureBoundsProviderThe bounds providers used to calculate bounds for texture mapping  
Public PropertyTextureMappingOrientationThe orientation applied on textures when mapping them on objects  
Public PropertyTransformGets/sets the world transformation for this device object.  
Public Methods
Public MethodActivateAtomActivates an atom.  
Public MethodActivateAtomicElementActivates an atomic element.  
Public MethodActivateElementActivates an element.  
Public MethodActivateInteractivityStyleActivates the specified interactivity style  
Public MethodActivateStylesBatch style activation  
Public MethodAttachOverloaded. Attaches the device to the specified Graphics object. The current graphics resolution is used.  
Public MethodBeginSpriteBegins a new sprite.  
Public MethodCachePathReturns the cached path  
Public MethodClearOverloaded. Clears all current drawings from he render surface this device is attached to.  
Public MethodClearStyles  
Public MethodDetachDetaches the device from the graphics object  
Public MethodDispose  
Public MethodDisposeUnusedObjectsDisposes all graphics objects not used in the last paint  
Public MethodDrawImageOverloaded. Draws the specified Image object, using its original physical size, at the specified location.  
Public MethodDrawImageMapDraws the specified image map, at the specified dest rectangle  
Public MethodEndSpriteEnds the current sprite.  
Public MethodIsCacheValidReturns true if the specified cache is valid  
Public MethodMeasureStringOverloaded. Measures the specified string when drawn with the active font style.  
Public MethodPaintCachedPathPaints the cached path  
Public MethodResetTransformResets the world transformation matrix of this Graphics object to the identity matrix.  
Public MethodRestoreRestores the device state to the cookie returned from calling the Save function.  
Public MethodRotateTransformApplies the specified rotation to the transformation matrix of this Graphics object.  
Public MethodSaveSaves the requested parts of the current device state and returns a cookie for it.  
Public MethodScaleTransformApplies the specified scaling operation to the transformation matrix of this Graphics object by prepending it to the object's transformation matrix.  
Public MethodTranslateTransformApplies the specified translation to the transformation matrix of this Graphics object.  
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