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The following tables list the members exposed by NAngle.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNAngle ConstructorInitializing constructor.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyAngleUnitGets the angle unit  
Public PropertyValueGets the angle value  
Public Methods
Public MethodCloneCreates an exact replica of this NAngle object  
Public MethodCompareToCompares this instance to a specified object and returns an indication of their relative values.  
Public MethodConvertToConverts the angle to an angle in the specified target unit  
Public MethodEqualsDetermines whether the angles are equal.  
Public MethodGetHashCodeReturns the hash code for this instance.  
Public MethodNormalizeNormalizes the angle  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)ParseConverts the string representation of the angle to NAngle  
Public MethodToDegreesReturns the angle measured in degrees  
Public MethodToGradsReturns the angle measured in grads  
Public MethodToRadiansReturns the angle measured in radians  
Public MethodToStringReturns the string representation of this NAngle object.  
Public Operators
public Operator Addition Arithmetic binary plus operator. The resulting angle uses the {a} paramater angle unit.
public Operator Subtraction Arithmetic binary minus operator. The resulting angle uses the {a} paramater angle unit.
public Operator Unary Negation Arithmetic unary minus operator
public Operator Unary Plus Arithmetic unary plus operator
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