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NAppearanceStyle Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by NAppearanceStyle.

Public Methods
Public MethodCreatePreviewGenerates a preview bitmap of this appearance style with the specified dimensions.  
Public MethodDrawPreviewDraws a preview of this appearance style at the specified device.  
Public MethodGetBoundRectObtains the bounding rect containing the object when visualized with this appearance style.  
Public MethodGetDescriptionReturns a short description of this style.  
Public MethodGetHashCode  
Public MethodGetMarginRectObtains the margins of this appearance style.  
Public MethodGetPaintableRectObtains the paintable rectangle associated with this appearance style  
Public MethodGetShapeInflateObtains the maximum inflate of the shape.  
Public MethodIsPrimitiveStyleReturns true if this appearance style is a primitive appearance style (fill style, stroke style or shadow style).  
Public MethodOnDrawPreviewDraws the preview for this appearance style.  
Public MethodOnDrawPreviewBackgroundDraws the background of the preview for this appearance style.  
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