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The following tables list the members exposed by NEllipticalArcF.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNEllipticalArcF ConstructorInitializer constructor  
Public Fields
Public FieldAngleThe angle, which the major ellipse axis forms with the X axis  
Public FieldControlControl point  
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)EmptyThe Empty elliptical arc  
Public FieldEndEnd point  
Public FieldRatioThe ratio between the major and minor ellipse axes  
Public FieldStartStart point  
Public Properties
Public PropertyBoundsGets the minimal enclosing rectangle  
Public PropertyBoundsRangeGets the minimal enclosing 2D range  
Public PropertyEndPointGets/sets the end point of the open figure  
Public PropertyIsFlatDetermines whether this is a flat primitive  
Public PropertyStartAngleObtains the angle, which the start point forms with the center of the circle to which the arc belongs (in degrees)  
Public PropertyStartPointGets/sets the start point of the open figure  
Public PropertySweepAngleObtains the angle formed by the lines connecting the arc start and end points with the circle center (in radians)  
Public Methods
Public MethodAddToGraphicsPathAppends the primitive to the specified graphics path  
Public MethodContainsOnOutlineOverloaded. Determines whether the outline of the primitive contains the specified point  
Public MethodEquals  
Public MethodGetHashCode  
Public MethodToNEllipseSegmentFConverts this arc to NEllipseSegmentF  
Public MethodToString  
Public MethodTranslateOverloaded. Translates the primitive with the specified amounts  
Public Operators
public Operator Equality Determines whether a is equal to b
public Operator Inequality Determines whether a is not equal to b
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