Nevron .NET Vision
Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.Commands Namespace / DiagramCommand Enumeration

In This Topic
    DiagramCommand Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Enumerates the diagram commands
    Public Enum DiagramCommand 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As DiagramCommand
    public enum DiagramCommand : System.Enum 
    AboutShow help about dialog
    AlignBottomsAlign bottoms
    AlignCentersAlign centers
    AlignLeftsAlign lefts
    AlignMiddlesAlign middles
    AlignRightsAlign rights
    AlignTextBottomAligns text vertically to the bottom
    AlignTextCenterAligns text horizontally to the center
    AlignTextLeftAligns text horizontally to the left
    AlignTextMiddleAligns text vertically to the middle
    AlignTextRightAligns text horizontally to the right
    AlignTextTopAligns text vertically to the top
    AlignToGridAlign to grid
    AlignTopsAlign tops
    AutocadExportAutocad export
    BringForwardBring forward
    BringToFrontBring to front
    CenterInDocumentHorizontallyCenter in document horizontally
    CenterInDocumentVerticallyCenter in document vertically
    ChangeBridgeStyleChanges the bridge style
    ChangeEndArrowheadStyleChanges the end arrowhead style
    ChangeFillStyleChanges the fill style
    ChangeGridStyleChanges the grid style
    ChangeInteractionStyleChanges the interaction style
    ChangeInteractivityStyleChanges the interactivity style
    ChangeProtectionChanges the protection
    ChangeRenderTechnologyChange render technology
    ChangeShadowStyleChanges the shadow style
    ChangeStartArrowheadStyleChanges the start arrowhead style
    ChangeStrokeStyleChanges the stroke style
    ChangeTextStyleChanges the text style
    ChangeViewLayoutChanges the view layout
    CloseLibraryClose library
    CustomizeShows the Customize dialog
    DecreaseHorizontalSpacingDecrease horizontal spacing
    DecreaseVerticalSpacingDecrease vertical spacing
    DocumentBackgroundEdit document background
    DocumentLayersEdit document layers
    DocumentStyleSheetsEdit document stylesheets
    EnableCreateBezierCurveToolEnables the create bezier curve tool
    EnableCreateCircularArcToolEnables the circular arc tool
    EnableCreateClosedCurveToolEnables the create closed curve tool
    EnableCreateConnectorToolEnables the create connector tool
    EnableCreateCurveToolEnables the create curve tool
    EnableCreateEllipseToolEnables the create ellipse tool
    EnableCreateEllipticalArcToolEnables the elliptical arc tool
    EnableCreateLineToolEnables the create line tool
    EnableCreatePolygonToolEnables the polygon tool
    EnableCreatePolylineToolEnables the polyline tool
    EnableCreateRectangleToolEnables the create rectangle tool
    EnableCreateTextToolEnables the create text tool
    EnablePanToolEnables the pan tool
    EnablePointerToolEnables the pointer tool
    FlashExportFlash export
    FlipHorizontalFlip horizontal
    FlipVerticalFlip vertical
    ImageExportImage export
    IncreaseHorizontalSpacingIncrease horizontal spacing
    IncreaseVerticalSpacingIncrease vertical spacing
    InsertTemplateInsert new template
    LastCommandIdId for the last command
    LibraryViewStyleIconsAndDetailsSet the library view style to icons and details
    LibraryViewStyleIconsAndNamesSet the library view style to icons and names
    LibraryViewStyleIconsOnlySet the library view style to icons only
    LibraryViewStyleListSet the library view style to list
    LibraryViewStyleThumbnailsSet the library view style to thumbnails
    MakeBoldTextMakes bold text
    MakeHorizontalSpacingEqualMake horizontal spacing equal
    MakeItalicTextMakes italic text
    MakeSameHeightMake same height
    MakeSameSizeMake same size
    MakeSameWidthMake same width
    MakeUnderlineTextMakes underline text
    MakeVerticalSpacingEqualMake vertical spacing equal
    MapImportMap import
    NewDrawingNew drawing
    NewLibraryNew library
    NudgeBottomNudge bottom
    NudgeLeftNudge left
    NudgeRightNudge right
    NudgeTopNudge top
    OpenDrawingOpen drawing
    OpenLibraryOpen library
    OptionsShows the Options dialog
    PageSetupPage setup
    PdfExportPdf export
    PrintPreviewPrint preview
    ReflexReflexes the reflexive shapes
    RemoveHorizontalSpacingRemove horizontal spacing
    RemoveVerticalSpacingRemove vertical spacing
    RenderTechnologyRender technology
    RerouteReroute the routable shapes
    ReverseReverse graph edges
    RotateLeftRotate to the left
    RotateRightRotate to the right
    SaveDrawingSave drawing
    SaveLibrarySave library
    SelectAllSelect all
    SelectAll1DShapesSelect all 1D shapes
    SelectAll2DShapesSelect all 2D shapes
    SendBackwardSend backward
    SendToBackSend to back
    SetGDIPlusRenderTechnologySets the GDI+ render technology
    SetGridStyleToInterlacedSets the grid style to interlaced
    SetGridStyleToInterlacedHorizontallySets the grid style to interlaced horizontally
    SetGridStyleToInterlacedVerticallySets the grid style to interlaced vertically
    SetGridStyleToMajorDotsSets the grid style to major dots
    SetGridStyleToMajorLinesSets the grid style to major lines
    SetGridStyleToMajorMinorLinesSets the grid style to major - minor lines
    SetNewConnectorToBezierSet the new connector type to Bezier
    SetNewConnectorToDoubleArrowSet the new connector type to Double Arrow
    SetNewConnectorToDynamicCurveSet the new connector type to Curve
    SetNewConnectorToDynamicHVSet the new connector type to Dynamic HV
    SetNewConnectorToDynamicPolylineSet the new connector type to Dynamic Polyline
    SetNewConnectorToErmSet the new connector type to Erm
    SetNewConnectorToLineSet the new connector type to Line
    SetNewConnectorToSingleArrowSet the new connector type to Single Arrow
    SetNewConnectorToStep2FirstHorizontalSet the new connector type to Side to Top/bottom
    SetNewConnectorToStep2FirstVerticalSet the new connector type to Top/bottom to side
    SetNewConnectorToStep3FirstHorizontalSet the new connector type to Side to Side
    SetNewConnectorToStep3FirstVerticalSet the new connector type to Top to bottom
    SetOpenGLHardwareRenderTechnologySets OpenGL hardware render technology
    SetOpenGLSoftwareRenderTechnologySets the OpenGL software render technology
    SetViewLayoutToFitSets the view layout to fit
    SetViewLayoutToNormalSets the view layout to normal
    SetViewLayoutToStretchSets the view layout to stretch
    SetViewLayoutToStretchToHeightSets the view layout to stretch to height
    SetViewLayoutToStretchToWidthSets the view layout to stretch to width
    ShowLayoutDialogShows the layout dialog
    SilverlightExportSilverlight export
    SizeToGridSize to grid
    SubmenuAlignSubmenu with aling commands
    SubmenuCenterSubmenu with center commands
    SubmenuCompositionSubmenu with composition commands
    SubmenuGroupingSubmenu with grouping commands
    SubmenuNudgeSubmenu with nudge commands
    SubmenuOperationsSubmenu with operations commands
    SubmenuOrderSubmenu with order commands
    SubmenuRotateOrFlipSubmenu with flip and rotate commands
    SubmenuSizeSubmenu with size commands
    SubmenuSpacingSubmenu with spacing commands
    SvgExportSvg export
    ToggleArrowheadsToggle arrowheads visibility
    ToggleGridToggle grid visibility
    ToggleGuidelinesToggle guidelines visibility
    ToggleLibraryBrowserToggle library browser visibility
    TogglePanAndZoomToggle pan and zoom window visibility
    TogglePortsCommandToggle ports visibility
    TogglePropertyBrowserToggle property browser visibility
    ToggleRulersToggle rulers visibility
    ToggleShadowsToggle shadows visibility
    ToggleSnapRotationToggle snap to rotation
    ToggleSnapToGridToggle snap to grid
    ToggleSnapToGuidelinesToggle snap to guidelines
    ToggleSnapToRulersToggle snap to ruler
    ToggleStatusbarToggle statusbar visibility
    UpdateModelBoundsUpdate model bounds of model aggregates
    ZoomInZoom in
    ZoomOutZoom out
    ZoomPercentZoom percent
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    Target Platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1 or later, Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2008 (Server Core not supported), Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server Core supported with SP1 or later), Windows Server 2003 SP2

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