Nevron .NET Vision
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    Nevron.Serialization Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassSummary description for NTypeActivator.
    ClassUsed to mark fields as binary non serialized
    ClassSummary description for NBlankSerializationFilter.
    ClassCreates a new instance of the object by cloning a previous instance
    ClassSummary description for NConstructorActivator.
    ClassThe base class for control serializers.
    ClassUses the default (parameterless constructor) to active an object
    ClassSummary description for NPrimitiveTypeEnumAttribute.
    ClassSummary description for NPropertyInfo.
    ClassSummary description for NRuntimeTypeActivator.
    ClassGeneric serialization filter based on regular expressions
    ClassBase serializer class.
    ClassUses the shell constructor to activate an object
    ClassSummary description for NMember.
    ClassBlank meta data filter.
    ClassSummary description for NTypeActivator.
    ClassSummary description for NTypeInfo.
    InterfaceImplemented by objects that can be persisted in binary format
    InterfaceImplemented by controls
    InterfaceImplemented by objects that can must be called back after deserialization occurs
    InterfaceImplemented by metadata filters.
    InterfaceImplemented by objects that can read/write objects from a repository (file, cache etc.)
    InterfaceImplemented by serialization filters
    InterfaceWhen present in the constructor paramater list identifies the this is a shell constructor.
    InterfaceImplemented by object that can translate a type name to actual type
    InterfaceImplemented by objects that use surrogate serialization
    InterfaceImplemented by surrogate serializers.
    InterfaceSummary description for INTypeInfoCache.
    InterfaceImplemented by objects that can be serialized in an Xml node
    StructureRepresents a pair of object name and its value
    EnumerationEnumerates the persistency formats
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