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Nevron.UI.WinForm.Docking Namespace / INStyleComposite Interface

In This Topic
    INStyleComposite Interface Methods
    In This Topic

    For a list of all members of this type, see INStyleComposite members.

    Public Methods
     MethodOverloaded. Registers the specified style with the specified id.  
     MethodOverloaded. Check whether the composite contains a style with the specfied id.  
     Method (Inherited from Nevron.INReferenceHolder)
     MethodCreates any non serialized objects, which the holder posseses (Inherited from Nevron.INReferenceHolder)
     Method (Inherited from System.IDisposable)
     MethodObtains the reference provider to which the object is currently attached (Inherited from Nevron.INReferenceHolder)
     MethodOverloaded. Gets a style with the specified ID.  
     MethodLocks all the updates that flow internally in the composite.  
     MethodReceives a notification for a style change.  
     MethodReceives a notification for a style property change.  
     MethodDisplays all the registered styles in a list box.  
     MethodCalled to provide a reference to the object of the specified type (Inherited from Nevron.INReferenceProvider)
     MethodOverloaded. Removes the style with the specfied id from the composite.  
     MethodResumes all updates.  
     MethodUpdates the field references of this object (Inherited from Nevron.INReferenceHolder)
     MethodUpdates the references stored by the object (Inherited from Nevron.INReferenceHolder)
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