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    Image Filters Style Editor
    In This Topic

    The Nevron Image Filters Style Editor provides complete visual editing for the properties, which get or set an instance of the NImageFiltersStyle class. It is exposed NImageFiltersStyleTypeEditor class. Since the image filters style is usually used in the context of the fill style, the image filters editor can be invoked from the fill style editor.

     Image Filters Style Editor User Interface


    • Use automatic check - the image filters style editor can optionally have its Use automatic check enabled. If it is enabled the initial state of the check indicates whether the currently edited image filters style belonged to the object exposing the edited image filters style property, or was automatically obtained from the framework (via style inheritance or other property inheritance mechanizm). If you check the Use automatic check and click on the OK button the resulting image filter style will be null.
    • Image Filters list - displays the currently applied image filters. You can freely add, remove and change the order of the image filters in the list. The property grid will display the properties of the currently selected image filter. Following is a list of the currently provided image filters:
    1. Blur Image Filter - blurs the edges of the processed image. See Blur Image Filter for more information.
    2. Glow Image Filter - it is a variation of the blur image filter, which allows you to add blurred edges with controlled color to the shape borders. See Glow Image Filter for more information.
    3. Lighting Image Filter - it is an advanced type of filter that can emulate the lighting effect produced by two types of light sources - Positional and Directional. See Lighting Image Filter for more information.
    4. Bevel And Emboss Image Filter - it applies a bevel and emboss effect on the image. See  Bevel And Emboss Image Filter for more information.
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