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    Features Overview
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    Nevron User Interface enables you to skin your application with just a few lines of code. The suite comes along with a total of 2 complete skins - Vista and MacOS - plus 30 predefined color schemes, including the famous Office2007Blue and Office2007Aqua, meant to give you the appearance that fits your needs completely.


    Sample IDE built with Nevron User Interface

     Docking Panels

    Nevron User Interface comes with a powerful docking library, which provides your applications with the latest GUI standards and technologies. These are tree-based, interface-structured hierarchies of predefined controls that can be docked, floated or redocked with visual feedback at run or design time. The unique layout system helps you model any complex structure in just a few lines of code.


     Document Management

    Nevron Docking Library comes with a powerful document management system which makes creation of tabbed or standard MDI interfaces a snap.


     Tabbed MDI interface.

     Command Bars

    Nevron User Interface provides you with distinguishable and stylish menus and toolbars, which are created entirely from scratch. All commands share a common object model, which makes it easy for a command to be visualized by any parent. The rich design-time support enables you to easily create modern MS Office 2003-like menus and toolbars with dock/undock capabilities.


    The Docking Toolbars example in the Example Launcher application (ColorScheme.LunaSilver applied).

     Rendering and Effects

    Nevron User Interface is the only suite on the market with such a remarkable render quality and speed. Modern effects like glass, gel, shadows, etc. are easily achieved with our renderers and decorators. Your applications will look smoother, more professional and with out-of-the-box appearance.



     Custom Toolbox

    Nevron User Interface extends almost every control in the standard Windows Forms toolbox in order to give it stylish and consistent look-and-feel. The suite comes with a total of 50+ extended/custom controls - all fully extensible, customizable and with great appearance. By using these controls you can build GUI with clean, consistent and professional look-and-feel.