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    Design Time Support
    In This Topic

    The following tutorial will teach you how to use the provided design-time support of the NDockManager component:


    1. Select the NDockManager component from the toolbox and drop it on the form. The manager will initially create a root container and add it to the form's Controls collection.

      you may drop only one dock manager per form (not user control).

    2. Using the manager's verbs add panels on the newly created root container:

      After executing the "Add panel at right" verb a dockable panel at the right is added on the root container:

    3. Each docking panel also exposes verbs for adding panels at the four edges as well as for a child panel:

      Following is the result of executing the "Add child panel" verb:

    4. Using either manager's verbs or the selected panel's ones build your layout.
    5. Using drag-and-drop operation rearrange the created panels:

    6. Drop controls from the toolbox on the panels:

    7. Compile and run the application.


    The space which remains empty on the root container is the document view. Refer to the Document Manager topic for more details.
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