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Docking Zones

The layout of Nevron Docking Panels is represented by INDockZone objects tree. An INDockZone is both INDockZoneChild and INDockZoneChildContainer thus allowing for a zone to contain children and to be a parented by other zones. Each zone has bounds (relative to the NDockingPanelContainer where it resides) and orientation which specifies how children are layouted within the zone.
Class Hierarchy

Following is a diagram displaying the class hierarchy of dock zones:



The NDockZoneBase is an abstract class which implements all the common functionality for an INDockZone instance. The NDockZone object is a zone which provides splitter and might be resized using visual feedback. The NControlHost zone is a predefined NDockZone which hosts an internal panel and might serve as a placeholder for controls. Finally comes the NDockingPanelHost zone which extends the NControlHost and provides a NTabStrip control which is used to switch among children panels. A NDockingPanelHost accepts only children of type INDockingPanel.

 Use a NControlHost zone for your application's main control - for example the Nevron Chart Examples use such a zone to host the main chart control.
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