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    Range Sliders
    In This Topic

    The Nevron Range Slider control has similar behaviour like the Nevron.UI.WinForms.NScrollBar control as it adds additional functionality.

    NVRangeSlider and NHRangeSlider derives from NRangeSlider base class and represent a vertical and horizontal range slider respectively.

    Along with the ability to scroll the thumb of the NRangeSlider control also allows you to determine its size in both design and run time.


    The size of the thumb of the NRangeSlider can be controled by its Range property, or by dragging the grippers located on both ends of the thumb.



    The following code demonstrates how to setup the most common properties of the NVRangeSlider:

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    nvRangeSlider1.Minimum = 0;
    nvRangeSlider1.Maximum = 100;
    nvRangeSlider1.SmallChange = 1;
    nvRangeSlider1.LargeChange = 20;
    nvRangeSlider1.Range = new NRange1DD(0, 20);
    Visual Basic
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    nvRangeSlider1.Minimum = 0
    nvRangeSlider1.Maximum = 100
    nvRangeSlider1.SmallChange = 1
    nvRangeSlider1.LargeChange = 20
    nvRangeSlider1.Range = New NRange1DD(0, 20)


    The control also exposed a RangeChanged event, which is fired when the value of the Range property has changed.