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    Command Contexts Overview
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    The bridge between a command abstraction and its visualizations is handled by command contexts. These are common shareable objects which hold information about how a command is visualized and what functionality it exposes. When assigned a valid context, a NCommand will delegate its Click notification to that context. That allows for multiple commands to have the same appearance and functionality.


    Currently Nevron UI provides the following predefined command contexts:

    Context Description
    NCommandContext Base class for all contexts. Associable with standard commands.
    NComboBoxCommandContext Predefined command context associable with NComboBoxCommand components. The FromContext method of a command object will return new NComboBoxCommand.
    NListBoxCommandContext Predefined command context associable with NListBoxCommand components. The NListBoxCommand is a  command which contains a child NControlHostCommand which hosts a NListBox control. It will always act as a drop-down command which drops a NListBox.