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    Loading a Skin
    In This Topic
     Skin Resource
    The NSkinResource component describes a resource that contains a XML-saved version of a NSkin object. Each NSkin may be loaded from such a resource as well as directly from a file or a Stream. Since it is a Component you may drop it on your Form, adjust its properties and attach it to a NUIManagerController instance.
     Predefined Skins

    The library ships with two predefined skins - "Vista" and "MacOS". These are contained as an embedded resources within the Nevron.UI.WinForm.Skins.dll assembly. The following code demonstrates how to load a predefined NSkin instance:

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    NSkinResource resource = new NSkinResource();
    resource.ResourceType = SkinResourceType.GlobalAssembly;
    resource.AssemblyName = "Nevron.UI.WinForm.Skins";
    resource.SkinName = "Vista";
    NSkin skin = new NSkin();
        NSkinManager.Instance.Skin = skin;
    Visual Basic
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    Dim resource As NSkinResource = New NSkinResource()
    resource.ResourceType = SkinResourceType.GlobalAssembly
    resource.AssemblyName = "Nevron.UI.WinForm.Skins"
    resource.SkinName = "Vista"
    Dim skin As NSkin = New NSkin()
    If skin.Load(resource) Than
        NSkinManager.Instance.Skin = skin
    End If
    Note that you should either add a reference to the Nevron.UI.WinForm.Skins.dll assembly to your entry point application or have the same installed into the GAC (Global Assembly Cache). Since the NSkinResource object is a component you may drop it at design-time and adjust its properties.
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