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    Basic Concepts
    In This Topic
    Nevron User Interface introduces unique rendering and consistency concepts like pluggable renderers, overall 3D-style and palettes used to specify the desired appearance.

    Following are the main interfaces, which expose the controllable look-and-feel of a control:


    • INPaletteProvider - provides properties to get or set a NPalette object used by a rendering operation as well as palette inheritance and an ApplyPalette method. For more information see Using Palettes.
    • INRendererProvider - provides simple property to get or set the current renderer for an object. The main benefits of pluggable renderers are simplicity in extending and consistency in appearance. For more information see Using Renderers.
    • INControlBorderProvider - specifies common border settings for a control and provides methods and properties for changing these settings. For more information see Control Borders.
    • INInteractiveControl - There are many controls that provide visual feedback when their state changes. The interface provides a simple property to get or set the current interactive state (Default, Hovered or Pressed). 
    Nevron User Interface provides an easy and convenient way for keeping your UI consistent. It exposes a static object called NUIManager which provides methods and properties extremely useful for synchronizing the overall appearance. For more information about the NUIManager usage see UI Manager.
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