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    Shape Sheet
    In This Topic

    The shape sheet is represented by the NShapeSheet class (derived from NFormulaSheet), an instance of which can be obtained from the Sheet property of the NSmartShape class. It is used to define the formula based content of a formula shape. 

    The following table summarizes the current set of sections, which this sheet supports:

    Section Description
    Transform Section Defines the transformation of the shape to its parent coordinate system. This section is mandatory and can be obtained from the TransformSection property.
    End Points Section Defines the start and end points of a shape. This section is optional and if present in the sheet the shape is treated as a 1D shape. It is accessible from the EndPointsSection property.
    Geometry Section Defines the geometry of the shape. The sheet can have several instances of this section. Each geometry section represents a single graphics path. The current set of geometry sections can be obtained from the GeometrySections property.
    Controls Section Defines the control points of a shape. The control points are used for the visual editing of the shape. It is accessible from the ControlsSection property.
    Scratch Section Defines a worksheet for intermediate calculations, which can be reused from the geometry sections and the controls section. This section is optional. It is accessible from the ScratchSection property.
    User Defined Cells Section Contains user defined cells. This section is optional an is accessible from the UserDefinedCellsSection property.

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