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    Document Object Model Overview
    In This Topic

    The Nevron Document Object Model (or simply DOM), provides support for consistent management and implementation of XML-like object structures. The DOM can be used not only for the building of documents - it possesses the needed flexibility to model any hierarchical structure. The DOM is built on top of the following core abstractions:

    • Nodes - nodes are hierarchical objects
    • Attributes - attributes are strongly named pieces of information attached to objects 
    • Elements - elements are identifiable nodes, which contain attributes
    • Documents - documents are root element containers, which provide fast element indexing 
    • Services - services are bridges between the nodes and the context in which they reside

    All code examples in this chapter assume that the Nevron.System.dll assembly is referenced by your project and you are using the Nevron.Dom namespace:

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    using Nevron.Dom;
    Visual Basic
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    Imports Nevron.Dom
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