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    System Layer Overview
    In This Topic

    The Nevron System Layer, provides the backbone of all Nevron products. It implements miscellaneous Nevron system features, the most important of which are:

    • Licensing - the license keys of all Nevron products are consistently verified by a static instance of the NLicenseManager class.

    • Reference Integrity - the reference integrity is a widely used mechanism, which enables objects to consistently store, update and provide references.

    • Filters - filters are a powerful boolean algebra (AND-OR-NOT) based mechanism, which enables the composition of virtually any type of logical expression.

    • Structured Serialization - implemented is structured serialization, which can serialize objects in Binary, XML, SOAP, Custom Binary and Custom XML formats.

    • Collections - implemented is a useful set of collections.

    • Document Object Model - provides support for consistent management and implementation of XML-like object structures.

    • Formula Engine - adds support for the runtime parsing and evaluation of formula expressions.

    The Nevron System Layer is located in the Nevron.System.dll assembly.


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