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    Formula Engine Overview
    In This Topic
    The Nevron Formula Engine, provides support for the runtime evaluation of formula expressions. It is an easy to use, fast and extensible solution for any problem, which requires strong formula support. Following is a list of the major formula engine features:
    • Formula Engine - included is an extensible formula engine. You can define variables, add new functions and override default operators.
    • Operators - currently implemented are 14 predefined operators, which greatly increase the formulas readability.
    • Functions - provided is a set of 45 predefined functions (bitwise, logical, mathematical, trigonometrical and text).
    • Variables - you can easily add/remove variables and change variables values.
    • References - provides support for dynamically resolved (at evaluation time) references.

    All code examples in this chapter assume that the Nevron.System.dll assembly is referenced by your project and you are using the Nevron.FormulaEngine namespace:

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    using Nevron.FormulaEngine;
    Visual Basic
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    Imports Nevron.FormulaEngine
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