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    Smart Shapes Overview
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    The Nevron Smart Shapes are based on the Nevron Formula Sheet specification and provide developers and end-users with incredible flexibility to author shapes with embedded intelligence via formulas. Smart Shapes take advantage of Nevron Graphics to implement stunning visual effects and natively support many useful geometry primitives (like circular and elliptical arcs, beziers etc.). The Smart Shapes technology consists of the following conceptual parts:

    • Smart Shapes- smart shapes are objects, which can be displayed on Nevron devices. Much of the actual content of smart shapes is defined by an underlying shape sheet.
    • Smart Groups - smart groups are smart shapes, which can contain other smart shapes. The child shapes of a group can reference the group shape sheet, which allows the creation of very complex shapes.
    • Shape Sheet - the shape sheet is used to define the formula based content of a smart shape. It is in fact a formula sheet, which contains a well defined set of sections. There is a certain role assigned to each section in the sheet - for example the transform section defines the transformation of the shape, the geometry sections define its paths and so on.

    Smart Shapes are based on the Nevron Formula Sheet , with which you must be familiar, if you want to fully understand them.

    All code examples in this chapter assume that the Nevron.Presentation.dll assembly is referenced by your project and you are using the Nevron.SmartShapes namespace:

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    using Nevron.SmartShapes;
    Visual Basic
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    Imports Nevron.SmartShapes
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