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    Web Forms Overview
    In This Topic

    The Nevron Framework provides extensible and powerfull support for both server side and client-server (AJAX) modes which enables the Chart and Diagram components to operate on ASP.NET and ASP servers. 

     General Features

    Following is a short list of the server side features:

    • Ability to generate interactive HTML image maps that can redirect the browser to a specified URL or fire server side events (image maps with postback).
    • Ability to inject custom client side script in the generated image maps.
    • Complete support for the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. SVG export features include:
      -Ability to export in .svg and .svgz (GZIP compressed)
      -Ability to embed raster data in the generated SVG using base64 encoding.
      -Ability to export interactive SVG content featuring browser redirection as well as the ability to inject custom script in the generated SVG.
      -Ability to directly stream SVG content to the client browser when the component is used in Web Forms applications.
    • The components can generate static images in one of the following image formats - PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIFF or BMP.
    • Built-in support for temporary image file handling - no code is required to manage the temporary image files generated by the component.
    • Ability to directly stream an image to the browser without generating a temporary file on the server.
    • Ability to integrate the HTML image maps with the direct stream to browser feature.
    • Components can be used in no code behind aspx pages.
    • The server configuration can be modified at runtime.
    • Ability to persist the state across roundtrips. Support for server side persistency (state is saved on the server) and client side persistency (state is persisted in the view state).
     AJAX Features

    In AJAX mode the Nevron web controls are running modules on both the client (JavaScript objects) and the server (ASP.NET controls and HTTP Image Handlers). Following is a short list of the AJAX featuresand capabilities that the Nevron web controls provide:

    • Built-in client side JavaScript tools – dynamic cursor, tooltips and browser redirect, based on an image map, dynamically updated through AJAX.
    • AJAX refresh, invoked through custom JavaScript at the client.
    • AJAXauto refresh, based on a client side JavaScript timer.
    • AJAX mouse event handling - the mouse click, double click, move, up,down, image map based mouse enter and mouse leave events are routed for processing to the the server.
    • Client side event queueing - while an event is been processed by the server, the new events that occur at the client are enqueued rather than ignored; queue length and priority can be configured for every type of client side event.
    • Nevron Instant Callback – a technology that is an alternative to the Microsoft AJAX. Nevron Instant Callback provides improved productivity for tasks that do not require an image map or interaction with other web controls on the page and no custom data has to be transmitted from the server to the client. It is the perfect solution when displaying auto refreshing, non-interactive charts and diagrams.
    • Combining of AJAX and postback - the Nevron web controls can operate in AJAX mode on pages that also use postback.
    • High cross-browser compatibility - the Nevron JavaScript Library is compatible with all popular web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.
    • Reliability - on connection loss the client enters a recovery mode and periodically queries the server for availability, also providing an adequate visual feedback. When the connection is restored, Nevron web controls continue normal operation.
    • Diagnostics – the Nevron JavaScript Library provides a rich set of diagnostic utilities for developers.
    • Controller-tools architecture – the client side event processing is streamlined through advanced and extensible controller architecture.
    • Extensibility – the Nevron JavaScript Library comes with full code reference and can be used for custom JavaScript development. Custom commands and tools can be implemented to extend the built-in functionality.
    • Optimized JavaScript – the JavaScript files that are loaded by the Nevron web controls at the client are extensively optimized in size, which speeds up the initial parsing of the code, saves traffic and reduces the file transfer time.

    The topics in this book will teach you to utilize the power of Nevron Chart and Diagram for .NET on the server side.