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    Integrating ThinWeb Diagram Overview
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    The Diagram ThinWeb control is an AJAX enabled web form control that integrates in ASP.NET and MVC web projects. The core design goals of the control are:

    - Simple Integration in Different Server environements

    The control does not rely on ASP.NET web form processing and can be easily integrated in any server side framework including ASP.NET WebForms and MVC.

    - Cross Browser JavaScript

    On the client side the control uses the JQuery library to improve cross browser compatibility. It works with all popular browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

    - Model - View - Controller architecture
    The control implements the MVC pattern and provides an API which is consistent with the WinForm MVC implementation of the control. This makes the migration of WinForm applications really easy to the web world.

    - Efficiency and Extensibility

    The server and client side processing of the control is very fine tuned which results in a smoother web experience and less CPU load. At the same time you have great amount of flexibility to extend or customize the already present tools in the control as well as to define new ones.

    General features of the control include:

    - Ability to generate interactive image maps that can redirect the browser to a specified URL, display a tooltip with a customizable class or change the browser cursor.

    - Ability to intercept client side mouse events per diagram element.

    - Ability to generate server side events.

    - Ability to generate postback events.

    - Support for Diagram Zooming, Scrolling and Panning

    - Integrated toolbar with lots of predefined actions.