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    Control Points
    In This Topic

    Control points are shape points, which can be used for the interactive modification of different shape geometry aspects. The control points of a shape are contained in an instance of the NControlPointCollection class, which can be obtained from the ControlPoints property of the NShape class. Control points are one of the optional shape elements and may not be available by default for each shape (see Shapes for more information).

    Control points are represented by an instance of the NControlPoint class. Following is a brief description of the most important control point features:

    You can get/set the location of a control point in model and scene coordinates of the shape to which the control point belongs. This is done with the help of the ModelLocation and Location properties. The location of a control point is actually stored in model coordinates of the shape - in this way when the shape is transformed the control point will adopt the shape transformation to scene coordinates.
    Each control point has a tooltip which is used to inform the user about the actual action being performed with the shape, through a specific control point. The tooltip is controlled by the Tooltip property.
     Control point logic
    It is up to the shape to implement the specific action implemented by a control point. In general this is done by overriding the UpdateFromControlPoint method of the NShape class, which receives as argument the control point, whose location has changed.
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