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    WinForm Components Overview
    In This Topic
    Nevron Diagram for .NET implements strong support for viewing and editing of diagram documents in the context of WinForms.

    The viewing and editing of documents in WinForms is achieved with the help of views. Several views can display the content of a single document. All types of views derive from the base NView class. Currently implemented are two types of views:

    • Drawing view - helps you display and edit the content of a drawing document. Represented by the NDrawingView class.
    • Library view - helps you display and edit the content of a library document. Represented by the NLibraryView class.

    There is a single controller attached to every view, the purpose of which is to process the user input and convert it to some actions, which can be applied to the model or the view. The controller holds a collection of tools, which represent the atomic actions, which the controller can perform. The controller behavior is defined by the configuration of its tools.

    In this way the (Diagram Documents) - (Views) - (Controller and Tools) trio, implement the concept of the Model - View - Controller architecture in the context of WinForms.

    Also implemented is an overview control (Pan and Zoom control), which can be attached to a master drawing view and is used for the previewing and interactive editing of the master view viewport (see the Pan and Zoom Control topic)

    Nevron Diagram for .NET also implements a complete set of end user components, which can help you create a powerful diagram designer application in several minutes. Currently implemented are:

    • Command Bars Manager - this is a modern look and feel docking bars manager, which provides a bridge between the standard Nevron UI commands and the diagram commands which are UI independent.
    • Commands - implemented is a complete set of commands, which facilitate any diagram action that can be performed through a menu, toolbar or context menu.
    • Library Browser - the library browser will let you drag and drop library items to the currently edited drawing. It also provides you with the ability to create new or edit existing libraries.
    • Property Browser - this component can help you easily edit the properties of the current document, view, active layer or selection anchor.
    • Status Bar - the status bar provides useful information about the state of a view.

    The diagram WinForm support is located in the Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.dll assembly, for which the primary namespace is Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.

    All code examples in this chapter assume that you are using the Nevron.Diagram.WinForm namespace and the Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.dll assembly is referenced by your project.

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    using Nevron.Diagram.WinForm;
    Visual Basic
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    Imports Nevron.Diagram.WinForm