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    Document Object Model Overview
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    The Diagram Document Object Model (or simply DOM) represents an extensible object model, which encompasses all currently available objects, which you can use to build a Nevron Diagram Document. Objects in the DOM are highly customizable and are designed to be subclassed and further extended to meet your particular requirements.

    The DOM is architectured to resemble XML documents, but also uses common design patterns from CAD application frameworks. It builds on top of two fundamentals - a document and an element, which can reside in a document (see Diagram Documents and Diagram Elements for more information).

    The DOM is implemented in the Nevron.Diagram.dll assembly, for which the primary namespace is Nevron.Diagram. All code examples in this chapter assume that you are using the Nevron.Diagram namespace and the Nevron.Diagram.dll assembly is referenced by your project:

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    using Nevron.Diagram;
    Visual Basic
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    Imports Nevron.Diagram
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