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    Porting from Q2 2006 to Q3 2006
    In This Topic

    This topic describes the differences in the programming model between Nevron Chart for .NET Q2 2006 and Nevron Chart for .NET Q3 2006.

     Assemblies and Namespaces

    The assembly Nevron.Graphics2D.dll has been removed, because the 2D rendering of the chart is now done with the same 2D device used in the diagram. You must remove all references to the Nevron.Graphics2D.dll from your project(s) as well as all namespace import statements.

    All tools related to the WinForms interactivity features such as NAxisScrollTool, NTrackballTool etc. as well as the NSelection and NController classes are moved from the Nevron.Chart namespace to the Nevron.Chart.WinForm namespace.

    • Nevron Chart for .NET has been integrated with the new geometry objects in the Nevron Presentation Framework. As a result all properties and methods, which required System.Drawing.RectangleF, System.Drawing.PointF and System.Drawing.SizeF structures have been changed to Nevron.GraphicsCore.NRectangleF, Nevron.GraphicsCore.NPointF and Nevron.GraphicsCore.NSizeF
    • The NPoint, NSize, NRectangle and NMargins representing point, size, rectangle and margins in NLength format are now renamed to NPointL, NSizeL, NRectangleL and NMarginsL respectively. This is required by the new geometry objects implementation found in the Nevron.GraphicsCore.dll assembly, where the previous class names conflict with the definition for point, size and rectangle represented with Int32 (integer) values.
    • All chart API functions that require a System.Drawing Point, PointF, Size, SizeF, Rectangle and RectangleF structures now accept NPoint, NPointF, NSize, NSizeF, NRectangle and NRectangleF structures respectively.
    • The NImageExport class is renamed to NImageExporter.
    The constructors of all transformations converting scale or model coordinates to view coordinates and vice versa now require an additional parameter called context. This is required by the new Document - View - Controller architecture of the chart. You can easily obtain the rendering context of the chart control by accessing the NChartControl.View.Context property. The following code snippet shows how a typical coordinate transformation code should look like:\
    [Visual Basic]
    Dim model3DToViewTransformation As New NModel3DToViewTransformation(NChartControl1.View.Context, NChartControl1.Charts(0).Projection)
    model3DToViewTransformation.Transform(someModelPoint, resultViewPoint)
    NModel3DToViewTransformation model3DToViewTransformation = new NModel3DToViewTransformation(NChartControl1.View.Context, NChartControl1.Charts[0].Projection);
    model3DToViewTransformation.Transform(someModelPoint, ref resultViewPoint);
     Properties and Fields
    • The x, y, z fields of the NVector3DF and NVector3DD classes have been changed to upper case (X, Y, Z) for better conformance with the new geometry object naming.

    • The ImageExport property of the WinForms and WebForms chart controls is renamed to ImageExporter.