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In This Topic
    In This Topic
    DIV(arg1; arg2)
    Accepts two arguments, which may be either single values or arrays.
    If both arguments are single values, the result is a single value.
    If at least one of the arguments is an array, the result is also an array. The size of the result is equal to the size of the input array.
    If both of the arguments are arrays, the size of the result is equal to the size of the smallest input array.

    Each element of the result is the quotient of the corresponding elements of the input arguments. If the division for a particular element is invalid (division by zero), then this element is marked as invalid in the result array.

    Example 1:

    Expression: DIV(arg1; 2)

    arg1 5 4 28 6 10
    result 2.5 2 14 3 5

    Example 2:

    Expression: DIV(arg1; arg2)

    arg1 5 4 28 6 10
    arg2 5 0 7 3 4
    result 1 DBNull.Value
    (Empty Data Point)
    4 2 2.5
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