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    Porting from Q4 2006 to Q1 2007
    In This Topic

    This topic describes the differences in the programming model between Nevron Chart for .NET Q4 2006 and Nevron Chart for .NET Q1 2007.

     Axis Const Lines

    The following properties of the NAxisConstLine object were removed:


    A new property called ReferenceRanges was added to the NAxisConstLine type in order to cover the functionality of the removed properties. This property exposes a collection of NReferenceAxisRange objects. A NReferenceAxisRange object defines a reference axis and a begin-end range on that axis, for example:

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    NAxisConstLine constLine = chart.Axis(StandardAxis.PrimaryY).ConstLines.Add();
    constLine.Value = 100;
    constLine.ReferenceRanges.Add(new NReferenceAxisRange(chart.Axis(StandardAxis.PrimaryX), 10, 20));

    The code above creates a Const Line at value 100 of the Y axis. The const line will be displayed from value 10 up to 20 on the X axis.

    The ConstLineStyle enumeration type is renamed to ConstLineMode.

    The NAxisConstLine.Style property is renamed to NAxisConstLine.Mode.

     Axis Value Anchor
    The NAxisValueAnchor.ClampToRuler property is changed to NAxisValueAnchor.Mode, which is of type AxisValueAnchorMode. Please see the documentation of the AxisValueAnchorMode enumeration for more information