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Price Volume Trend

PVT(close; volume; 0)

The first two arguments must be arrays: 'close' contains the close values, 'volume' contains the volumes.

The last parameter must be 0.

The result is an array.

The Price and Volume Trend is a cumulative total of volume that is adjusted depending on changes in closing prices. It is similar to On Balance Volume, and the only difference between the two indicators is that OBV adds all volume on days when prices close higher and subtracts all volume on days when prices close lower, while the PVT adds/subtracts only a portion of the daily volume. The amount of volume added to the PVT is determined by the amount that prices rose or fell relative to the previous day's close.

The Price and Volume Trend is used to determine the strength of trends and warn of reversals. It should not be used on its own but in conjunction with other indicators.

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