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    Welcome to Nevron Chart for .NET
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    Nevron Chart for .NET is the leading charting control for Windows based application development.

    The component enables you to target both Desktop and Server environments using single programming API. It works in all Windows based .NET environments including WinForms, Wpf, ASP.NET and MVC.

    The control delivers unmatched performance in both Desktop and Server applications due to its superior design and implementation (like hardware accelerated rendering or the use of embedded images and round trim minimizations).

    The build in functionality of Nevron Chart covers the needs of a wide variety of business, scientific, financial, presentation and BI enabled applications. The component can display virtually any 2D Chart, 3D Chart or Gauge with presentation, out of the box quality.

    The component seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio and provides many advanced user editing features like wizards and style editors, allowing you to get started quickly using no code at all.

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