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    In This Topic

    The trackball feature of the control is very useful when you want to allow the end user to quickly take a look at the chart from a different angle. In this mode the chart will modify the Elevation and Rotation parameters of the NProjection object attached to the chart. To enable the trackball you must add a NTrackballTool object to the Tools collection.

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    chartControl.Controller.Tools.Add(new NSelectorTool());
    chartControl.Controller.Tools.Add(new NTrackballTool());
    Visual Basic
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    chartControl.Controller.Tools.Add(New NSelectorTool)
    chartControl.Controller.Tools.Add(New NTrackballTool)

    Now when the user presses the left mouse button and drags the mouse over the control window the change in the X direction will modify the Rotation and the change in the Y direction will modify the Elevation of the current chart. The NTrackballTool will raise the ProjectionChanged event when the projection of the chart changes.

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