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    Serialization Filters
    In This Topic

    Serialization filters allow you to control the object serialization by skipping objects that do not have to be serialized. Nevron Chart for .NET currently supports two built-in serialization filters, which can be extended or combined with custom serialization filters:

    Serialization Filter Description Filtered Objects
    NAppearanceSerializationFilter Serializes all appearance settings of the control and skips data. NDataSeries and NLegendItemCollection
    NDataSerializationFilter Serializes all data and skips all properties related to the appearance of the control NFillStyle,NStrokeStyle, NFrameStyle, NShadowStyle.
     Using Serialization Filters

    Now lets look at a simple code snippet showing how to preserve the appearance settings and discard the data of the chart when you serialize the control:

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    NControlSerializer serializer = chartControl.Serializer;
    NChart chart = chartControl.Charts[0];
    // save the chart to file
    MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream();
    serializer.SaveToFile(chart, "c:\\temp\\chart.bin", PersistencyFormat.CustomBinary, new NDataSerializationFilter());
    // load the chart from file
    NChart chart2 = (NChart)serializer.LoadFromFile(typeof(NChart), "c:\\temp\\chart.bin", PersistencyFormat.CustomBinary, new NDataSerializationFilter());
    Visual Basic
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    Dim serializer As NControlSerializer = chartControl.Serializer
    Dim chart As NChart = chartControl.Charts(0)
    ' save the chart to file
    serializer.SaveToFile(chart, "c:\\temp\\chart.bin", PersistencyFormat.CustomBinary, New NDataSerializationFilter())
    ' load the chart from file
    Dim chart2 As NChart = CType(serializer.LoadFromFile(GetType(NChart), "c:\\temp\\chart.bin", PersistencyFormat.CustomBinary, New NDataSerializationFilter()), NChart)
     Extending Serialization Filters

    Both the NDataSerializationFilter and NAppearanceSerializationFilter derive from the NSerializationFilter that implements the INSerializationFilter interface. The NSerializationFilter class has several properties controlling which objects are to be serialized. The following code adds the NMarkerStyle type to the non serialized objects:

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    ArrayList types = new ArrayList();
    NDataSerializationFilter filter = new NDataSerializationFilter();
    Visual Basic
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    Dim types As ArrayList = New ArrayList
    Dim filter As New NDataSerializationFilter
    Note that you may also use regular expressions strings like "*.FillStyle".
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