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    Exporting to DataTable
    In This Topic

    The series data can be exported to a DataTable object. This functionality is exposed by the ExportToDataTable method of the NDataSeriesCollection class. The method receives one argument - the name of the newly created data table object. The returned data table contains one column for each data series contained in the collection. The columns are named after the data series they represent.

    The following example creates a data table from the Values, XValues and Sizes data series of a Bubble Series.

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    NDataSeriesCollection colDataSeries = new NDataSeriesCollection();
    DataTable datatable = colDataSeries.ExportToDataTable("MyTableName");
    Visual Basic
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    Dim colDataSeries As NDataSeriesCollection =  New NDataSeriesCollection()
    Dim datatable As DataTable =  colDataSeries.ExportToDataTable("MyTableName")
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