Nevron .NET Vision

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    Migrating from Q3 2006 to Q4 2006
    In This Topic

    Assemblies and References

    In Q4 2006 many common assemblies has been merged in order to decrease reference update difficulties and deployment effort. Following is a list of the assemblies needed to deploy Nevron User Interface:

    1. Nevron.System.dll – contains utilities and common methods.
    2. Nevron.Presentation.dll – contains the core graphics device as well as the base user interface namespaces.
    3. Nevron.Docking.dll – contains the docking library.


    Following is a list of the namespaces of Nevron User Interface for .NET:

    1. Nevron.UI (contained in Nevron.Presentation.dll) – generic implementations of abstract user interfaces.
    2. Nevron.UI.WinForm (contained in Nevron.Presentation.dll) – contains some concrete implementations of UI abstractions.
    3. Nevron.UI.WinForm.Controls (contained in Nevron.Presentation.dll) – contains all the Windows Forms Controls.
    4. Nevron.UI.WinForm.Docking (contained in Nevron.Docking.dll) – contains the docking library.

    Property Changes

    There are some minor property changes primarily in the Q3 NUIItem element. Now it is called NLabelElement and has all its appearance properties grouped in an NThemeStyle object. Following is a list with all the property changes:

    1. Font – replaced by Style.FontInfo.
    2. ForeColor – replaced by Style.TextFillStyle.
    3. ParagraphAlign – replaced by Style.RichTextFormat.
    4. TextRenderingHint – replaced by Style.TextRenderingHint.
    5. TextRenderMode - replaced by Style.TextRenderMode.