Nevron .NET Vision

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    Working with the License Key Manager
    In This Topic
    After you purchase a license for the Nevron .NET Vision Suite or part of it either directly from Nevron or from a reseller you must receive a license key(s) unlocking the functionality covered by the purchased license. The following sections describe how to apply this license key.
     Storing the License Key in the Registry
    When you store the license key in the registry all components in the suite are aware that their licensing changed. This is why we recommend that you update the registry with the steps outlined below on the developer machine.

    1. Go to Start\Program\Nevron .NET Vision

    2. Open the License Key Manager application. The following dialog must appear:

    3. Press the Add License button and type or paste the license key:

    Then press OK.

    4. The license key manager will show the license key and the levels of functionality unlocked by it:

    5. Press Save and then Close.

    6. Now recompile your application - it should update accordingly to the level of unlocked functionality.

     Programmatically Configuring the License Key Manager
    Alternatively, you can modify the license associated with your application from code.
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    using Nevron;
    NLicense license = new NLicense("XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX");
    NLicenseManager.Instance.LockLicense = true;
    Visual Basic
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    Imports Nevron
    NLicenseManager.Instance.LockLicense = True

    It is important to apply the license before any constructors are called (typically in InitializeComponent functions). The LockLicense property instructs the manager that no further license changes must occur.

     Redistribution Notes
    1. WinForms application where the component is dropped on a form are automatically ready for distribution on client machines.
    2. WebForms application and WinForms applications where the component is not dropped on a form should also programmatically update the license key manager as shown above before distribution on client machines.